This is; “Truth of the GOSPEL” — a page for

                                        the Gospel programs of TCOGMSO.COM. The Gospel was

                                                   commissioned by Christ to be proclaimed by the true COG,

                                          but how many claiming COG status have a voice doing this

                                          today? This personal member web site does!

                                          So feel free to listen in on each new program.


                                                                                     Matt. 24:14 (NKJ) “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world

                                                   as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”          

                                                   A common part of the mission for every true Christian is to be willing to lay

                                                   down their lives for Christ’s sake and the Gospel’s. See Mark 8:35 & 10:29




                               (Normal Bible translation used (unless noted otherwise) is the NKJ, Thomas Nelson publishers, Inc. © 1982, from Pc study bible, V3)


All audio messages are mp3 quality and can be listened to online if you have a high speed connection. If not, then download is the next best thing. This page is reviewed periodically and some messages are dropped off and replaced with others. Newest message is first and at the top of the page. (In the case of some series, start at the right for beginning) Messages are normally 15-17 minutes. Special messages may be from 20-25 minutes, which will be noted. For comments, questions, and all other contact, click this link;  MAILTO:TCOGMSO@TCOGMSO.NET which is also at the bottom of “Home” page.






            This program is titled Lined up on GODand brings our attention to the similarity of teaching for the true Christian, that is contained in both old and new testaments. (17:29 min. in length-posted 2/13/18)

            The third and FINAL program in this series is titled; Church & true Church (Pt.3)to be added to the previous two programs. (Posted 1/30/18, 17:04 in length) Church & true Church (Pt.2)previously posted, (16:20 in length and posted 1/27/18) exposes the carelessness of some who claim COG status and continues on from Church & true Church” (Pt.1) which is truth any true Christian should learn & then have fixed into their minds. (Posted 1/22/18—16:09 min.)

           This program series is titledProphets in the Church (Pt.2) (Posted 1/11/18—16:40 min.) & goes with the first program of calendar year 2018. That program is titled Prophets in the Church”. (Pt.1) This is a new two part series and something that has had some confused and teaching error for many years, which goes on even today. What does the Bible reveal? (Posted 1/7/18—17:15 min.)




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