Truth of the Gospel programs for 2017 -

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The last program of 2017 and in this series is titled Deceived (Pt.3)” and finishes this series. (Posted 12/31/17—15:24 min.) How easily deceived (Pt.2) posted 12/25/17 (16:51 min in length) and continues on fromHow easily are you deceived (Pt.1). For the millions around the world who think they are Christians—are they really? (Posted 12/17/17—15:26 min.)

           This series of programs are individually titled “What motivates you (Pt.3)” (Posted 11/30/17—16:13 min.) and is a continuation from “What motivates you (Pt.2)” Posted on 11/20/17—16:20 min. which continues on from What motivates you”? This is a series that will hopefully cause some to think about what motivates them and also what should motivate true servants of God. (16:46 min. Posted on 11/13/17)

           This program is titledDarkness VS. Light and exposes the true darkness of Halloween and not following Christ as a way of life. (less than 16 min, posted on 10/31/17)

           This program is titledChristianity & the Gospel”. Who really distinguishes a true Christian from the false today, so as not to deceive? What about the true Gospel? This program talks about them both from the Biblical perspective! (17:24 min.—posted 10/24/17)

           This program is titledWho should preach the Gospel”? Are you one who is still confused on this or do you already know the answer? (Posted on 10/13/17, being 17:04 min. in length.)

           This reposted program is titled Laodicea & the Gospel” and is to run through the Feast of Tabernacles and Eight Day festival. Have some in the COG let down by lukewarm compromise, including the claim of preaching the Gospel? Some are; listen for more (16:15 min.—posted 10/03/17, brought forth from 9/2/16)         

           This program is titled Millennial Rule and reviews the steps of the master plan of God in the annual Holy Days. This also is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. (16:19 min, posted on 9/23/17)

           This program is titledRepentance, belief, faith & action”. Without these four steps and things that go with them, one cannot be a true Christian, getting the help they need to work out their own salvation! The program gives some guidelines from scripture for the new convert as well as those who have already been converted and have grown slack or lukewarm. (14:45 Min. & posted 9/13/17)

           This program is titled Why the Gospel now”? Some believe in false gospels or do not believe the Gospel is to be going out now. Others have become lukewarm and compromising—not diligent to do what they have been commanded to do. Some only use the Gospel to draw and keep a following. What do you understand about it ? Listen to the program for more. (15:08 min. & posted 9/4/17)

           This program is titledJesus, the Savior and gives several scriptures that point to Christ being the God of the Old Testament period. (16:00 min. and posted on 8/24/17)

           This program is titled Oneness of God and is part 2, continuing on from the last web cast, directly below. It is 18:07 min. in length and posted on 8/13/17.

           This program is titled The Gospel & oneness of God (Pt.1), which contains a little of both subjects in this first program. (Posted 8/8/17—15:34 min.)

           This program is titled Apostles of the Bibleand has some information that deals with HWA and his time of service as an apostle! (18:27 min. & posted on 7/23/17)

           This program is titled “Christ the refiner” and deals with the refining process a true Christian goes through—the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. (16:12 min. & posted 7/16/17)

           This program is titledLast Days Pt.2 which is continuing on with end time prophecy; including the Ezekiel Warning. (It is approx. 17 min. and is being posted on 7/3/17)

           This Program is titled Last Days and continues on with more end time prophecy and a quote from HWA. (It is 15:35 min. long and is being posted early on 6/22/17.)

           This program is titled Nation Dividedand deals with end time prophecy. Many do not see that end time prophecy is already coming to pass and may accelerate at any time. (15:40 min. & posted late on 6/10/17)

           This program is titled The Beginningand gets to the beginning of recorded events, creation; long before man came on the scene. (14:46 min.-Posted 6/2/17)

           This program is titled;The Gospel; a long range message”. It is a review of what God has been and is doing on earth, revealing His plan. (Posted 5/26/17 about 13;30 min.).

           This program is titledBorn for a purpose and reveals that receiving the Holy Spirit is the key to achieving why you were born. (17:55 and posted on 4/20/17)

           This program is titled Holy Days & the Gospel”. How many today realize that the Holy Days of God reveal the Gospel of Christ? (17:04 min. in length & posted on 4/13/17)

           This program is titled The Real Jesusfor those who do not know Him! This Jesus was the one sacrificed and is the true Christian Passover. (16:56 min. & posted 3/27/17)

           This program is titled Another Jesus and begins with the Olivet prophecy, given by Christ. It exposes the false christ of false christianity. (Just over 16 min. & posted 3/15/17)

           The Newly posted program is a replay of nearly a year ago, titled; The Kingdom”. It was brought forward from the archives, being 18:04 min. in length and posted once again on 3/9/17

           This program is titled, The first sin and deals with the first sin recorded in the Bible. It covers many Scriptures and is 18:00 min. in length, being posted on 2/28/17.

           This program is the last in this series and is titled Devices (Pt.3). (17:17 min. and posted 2/15/17) It carries on from Devices (Pt.2)  (16:18 min. & posted 2/7/17) which continues on from Satan’s devices- (Pt.1-17:32 min.—posted 2/1/17) with more Scriptural evidence of how Satan works.  What “device” does Satan use to deceive you?


           This program is titled Parts of the plan and reveals several things from Scripture that are parts of the planned out purpose for man in this age. (15:53 min.—posted 1/24/17)

           This program is titled Satan released—WHY? Once he is bound, why is he to be released-why not just leave him bound? Can we know? Listen for more—(posted 1/14/17—16:27 min.)

           This program is titled GUILE (a replacement) and is an explanatory program from the Biblical use of the word, by revealing the meaning and various uses, which are foreign to true Christians. (re-posted 1/10/2017—approx.18:26 min.)