Truth of the Gospel programs for 2016 -

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This program is titled Marks-signs Pt.2 and is the finishing program for the year of 2016. (Posted Dec. 25th, approx..16:40 in length) It concludes the biblical points on Marks of the beast (Posted 12/15/16—15:06 in length) and if you are not familiar with these marks, the ones directly mentioned may be surprising to you. This program continues from Satan worship and it may surprise you as to how many are deceived into doing this today. (The program is 15:54 min. in length and was posted on 12/4/16.)

           The end of this program series is titledProphecy to come (Pt.3)which continues from the last, (Approx. 16:30 min-posted 11/25/16) which was titled; Prophecy to come (Pt.2)”. (Approx.16 min, being posted on 11/16/16.) Prophecy to come is longer than normal and brings out the truth of the Bible, dealing with some soon to come prophecy for the USA and the rest of the world. (18:11 min & posted 11/7/16)

           This program is titled; More Corruption”. It is to once again remind us how we are living in a very corrupt society—a stark contrast to the World of Tomorrow. (16:47 min. being posted 10/26/16)

           This program is titled Day of Atonement and is the 5th step in the plan of God. This 5th step message gives some detail of the Day of Atonement. (17:10 min.—posted 10/9/16)

           This program is titled God is coming and continues to giving more information that was begun in the last program, but from the perspective of the festival of Trumpets. (17:28 min. in length—posted 10/2/16)

           This program is titled; Christ will returnand in the religions of the day, people are being taught they will go off to heaven; some even to be “raptured” away, which is false! What do you understand about Christ’s return and what your Bible reveals? (Posted 9/23/16—16:27 min. in length)

           This program is titledTruth of the Gospel”, the same as this page and the booklet. It gives more detail on what the zealous in the COG should be doing, plus a little history concerning the method of zealously getting the Gospel out. It is 16:42 min. in length, being posted on 9/12/16.

           This program is titled Laodicea & the Gospel. Have some in the COG let down by lukewarm compromise, including preaching the Gospel? (16:15 min.—posted 9/2/16)

           This program is titled Disasters & suffering”. We are seeing tragedies once again in this nation, which are clearly Biblical prophetic fulfilments! (16:40 min.—posted 8/23/16)

           This program is temporarily placed here as a replay and is titled “Guarding against the Unseen Spirit world”. It deals with why so much evil is seemingly so common place in our world today, affecting the COG as well. (16:02 in length)

           This program has the title of Lies and Corruption”. Our world today is filling up with crooked politicians and the people suffer, but what about in the COG? (Posted 8/12/16-17:37 min.)

           This program is titled; Bible Prophecy and continues on from the last program with even more passages that are prophecy. (posted 8/7/16—17:10 min. in length)

           This program is titled Forgotten prophecy and brings out a few passages that are not recognized or have been forgotten, that are prophecy. (Posted 7/27/16—17:08 min.)

           This program is titled; Brexit Events having some more current details and of what is yet ahead. This program is a little over 17 min. and is being posted on 7/15/16.

           This program is titled; Ezekiel—Prophecy which reveals a bit of the prophecy yet to be fulfilled. Ezekiel gives a warning of some terrible troubles yet to come. (7/6/16—16:51 min.)

           This program is titled; More prophetic Fulfillment”.  The Brexit Vote is already causing some great concerns among many and is another stepping stone to end time prophecy being fulfilled. The program is approx.16:30 min. in length and was posted on 6/26/16

           This program is titled; What is a Kingdom ?” and reveals the simplicity of what the Gospel of Christ is all about, even today. (approx. 17 minutes, posted 6/17/16.)

           This Program is titled; Heart of a First fruit”. Does every COG member today also have the heart of a first fruit? Listen and find out. (6/5/16—16:32 min.)

           This program is titled Begotten or born Again”? Understanding the truth of this concept is vital to enter the kingdom of God and to be part of the true COG today! (5/29/16—17:04 min.)

           This program is titled Purpose of the Church”, continuing on in the theme of the Gospel and what it reveals for those to be born of God. (5/20/16—17:54)

           This program (5/10/16) is titled; The Kingdom and begins to lay out what the Gospel is really talking about. The program is a little longer than normal. (18:04)

           This program 4/28/16 is titled; The way of the World revealing more of the devil and his subtlety. Have some in the COG already been vomited out? The program is about 17:30 in length.

           This program is an anniversary message, titled Honoring Christ and is being posted on April 7th. Honor should be to Christ for His sacrifice, among many other things. (Approx. 15:40 in length.)

          The program is titled Easter vs. Passover is about the differences and the timing—why Easter is before the crucifixion date this year by nearly a month. Is Easter even Christian? The program is approx.16:28 in length.


           By Faith Pt.2” has now been posted to conclude this series. (recording is 15:37 min. in length) “By Faith” is the title of the program now being presented. (17:36 min. in length) How many today are still holding on to the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints? (See Jude 3) This recording is a bit longer, containing quotes from the writings of HWA.


            Lord of the Sabbath is the title of the new program. This is another proof that Christ was the God of the OT, who, at creation set this in motion for mankind. (15:48 min.)


            A voice of Truth will help lead us out of error, but who is listening for this truth today? (15:08 min. &  the first program of calendar year 2016.)