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                                                      The picture at the left is the original logo (As depicted on the home page) and  remains the property    

                                                                            of the author/editor of this website. It is based on undistorted and  truthful wording of Isa.11:6-

                                                                            NKJ, (the first & last of the verse) which contains these words;


                                                             “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb,--- And a little child shall lead them.”


                                                                           This is a theme of the 1,000 year reign on earth, under Christ and the saints. (See also Isa.65:25) All   

                                                                            true Christians look forward to this peaceful theme in reality. In the meantime, Christians are to be  

                                                                            focused on Him as; John 6:35 says—“I am the bread of life” and in V.57, --“he who feeds on Me will live

                                                                            because of Me”—and again; V.58 –“He who eats this bread will live forever."



















Prepare for the Kingdom of God







                        Below, you will find the editor’s occasional commentary, plus what is labeled “Mini bite”; short recordings on biblical subjects. Other lengthy messages are in the

            categories noted beside the title links. For any series, be sure to go to the first message, which will be the first link posted, in order to get the full benefit. This page

            is more COG body oriented, but still simply based on Scriptural revelation and Bible wording, so that all who choose to listen can benefit.




            A NEW Mini-bite titled Why do we need the Holy Spirit?. This short message is a biblical start to the answer from Scripture.  (Posted 10/28/18—5:39 min.)

            This mini bite is on Festival information, now posted. (5:36 min.—posted 9/21/18) This goes along with previously posted material on the same subject, as well as the Current Truth of the Gospel program titled “Gospel of Peace”.

            This mini bite titled Ezekiel’s Warningis now posted. This message goes with the current Truth of the Gospel program. (Posted 7/23/18—6:00 min.)

            This mini bite titledTraditions cause Leavenis now posted. What is the REAL cause of tradition/doctrines/ the leaven of the Pharisees? (Posted 6/10/18—6:38 min.)

            This split sermon transcript titled Embryonic Kingdom, is updated from the old article of several years, by the same title. (Posted 5/26/18—36:20 min. in length)

            This mini bite has been posted, titled Spiritual Organism (Pt.2)”, 6:30 min. and posted 5/25/18; as a continuation of  Spiritual Organism(Posted 4/28/18—6:20 min.) which both are designed to explain a little more about the Body of Christ as the true COG, being a Spiritual Organism.

            This mini bite is titled The Body of Christ (6:25 min.—posted 3/10/18) and is part two of Why confusion over Church”. (5:48 min.—Posted 3/7/18) In this two part series I attempt to help understand the confusion some may have today about what & where the COG is, as well as the Body of Christ. They are one and the same but scattered.

            The new editor’s commentary titled “True Christianity” has now been placed on this page. (Posted 3/02/18) This is the written transcript, with an added link to LISTEN.

            The message or “Mini-bite” titled Prophets – true & false (Pt.2) is now posted.(1/16/18—5:54 min.) This goes with Prophets – true & false” (Pt.1) to finish this subject for now and is on the same subject as the new Gospel messages. (1/14/18—9 min.) Listening to them all together will have a greater impact of truth and understanding for the listener.


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