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            A new Mini bite, titled “Accepting or Rejecting” has been posted. What choices do you make on a daily basis, and where do they lead? (6:14 min.-posted on 11/3/17)

            Editor’s commentary titled “Biblical last days”? Is what we are now seeing the prelude to the great tribulation? (5:00 min. in length, posted on 9/17/17)

            Sermonette; “2 Pet.3 V.18 & Trumpets”. This message is in preparation for the Festival of Trumpets, 2017. (Almost 12 min. in length and being posted 9/12/17)

            Editor’s commentary, titled “Remembering the good” has now been posted; (7/27/17—a little over 5 Min.) negativity can do great damage to the mind.

            This commentary is titled “Violence in the land”. This short commentary goes hand in hand with the current truth of the Gospel. (Posted 6/14/17, less than 5 min.)

            Recent Pentecost sermonette has been added. This message was given to a live audience in Springfield, Mo. and is titled “Remembering the right Pentecost” (Posted 6/8/17)

            A new Mini bite has been posted, titled the “Church of God”. This mini bite is 5:46 min. in length and is being posted on 6/2/17.

            This Mini bite is title “Passover Heresy” and explains why there should be no reoccurring controversy of the timing for Passover every year. (6:07 min. posted 4/5/17)

            A re-posting (3/9/17) of Mini bite titled; “Matt.6:33” giving an example of a word in the verse studied out to find its truly intended meaning and depth of intensity. (posted 7/31/16—6:18 min.)

            New commentary; “Private interpretations” is the title. How many today would be shocked to know this is being done by their own leaders? ( approx..11 minutes-posted 1/19/17)

            Mini bite titled, “Are you being deceived” Goes with the previous commentary and men’s ideas. How careful are we being with truth and is it important? (5:42—posted 1/10/17)


                                                                     Older messages reserved       

            Sermonette— has the title of “Hold fast to Truth”. Can Satan cleverly deceive COG members by planting twisted views of the Gospel in their minds? (13:47 min.—posted 10/30/16) You may be surprised when you really listen closely to what is being said!

            Sermon—titled “Errors & false Doctrines” now posted, (3/8/16—approx. 43 min.)  This is a special message, revealing many facts of Scripture about Passover & Days of UNLB, debunking the many false teachings of some, even in the current realm of COG organizations and groups.         

            Split sermon—This is titled “3rd Resurrection” and is the first split sermon for this page. It mentions all three resurrections but focuses more on the passages that reveal a 3rd one.


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