For 2015 & 2016 COG audio page.                   


            Commentary titled  Conjecture & Theories.  How many really think about truth when explaining what they think the Bible teaches? (5:39 min.-posted 11/20/16)

            Sermonette— has the title of “Hold fast to Truth”. Can Satan cleverly deceive COG members by planting twisted views of the Gospel in their minds? (13:47 min.—posted 10/30/16) You may be surprised when you really listen closely to what is being said!

            Mini bite titled; “Slumbering and adrift”. How many are in this mode today and do not see it! This is Laodicea and if you cannot recognize this—then you are probably slumbering! (This recording is 5:55 min in length and was posted on 10/11/16)

            Mini bite titled; “Christians & common ground”. Why do the many COG groups and their members not understand Biblical teaching on this? (8/18/16—6:30 min.)

            Mini bite titled; “Matt.6:33” giving an example of a word in the verse studied out to find its truly intended meaning and depth of intensity. (posted 7/31/16—6:18 min.)

            Commentary titled “BREXIT VOTE” being produced by this editor as soon as was possible to do; as a service to all who visit this website. Posted 6/24/16—6:00 min.)

            Mini bite titled “Practice” is now reposted. (6/14/16) Some in the COG do not really understand how they may be practicing sin in the way they live. This recording is 7:06 in length

            Sermonette – titled “Bring fruits to maturity” being a little under 15 minutes in length, it is a reminder of the need for us all to be reaching spiritual maturity. (posted on 6/9/16)

            Mini Bite—Giving an answer—are you one who should be doing this? What about for what you believe? (Posted 4/24/16 and 5:50 in length.)

            Sermon—titled “Errors & false Doctrines” now posted, (3/8/16—approx. 43 min.)  This is a special message, revealing many facts of Scripture about Passover & Days of UNLB, debunking the many false teachings of some, even in the current realm of COG organizations and groups.         

            Mini bite—answering question on “Dead bury Dead” from Scriptural examples. This message is approx. 5:30 in length. (posted 2/7/16)

            Mini bite—Using “answers from Genesis” booklet, deals with the Cycle of Rain. When did God create the cycle of rain on the earth? Does Scripture explain it? (5:54—12/27/15)

            Commentary- is on “Dark Time”. This world is ever increasing in darkness, which surrounds the few righteous left alive today. (5:16 min.-12/4/15)                                                            


            Mini bite (5:12 min.) dealing with the subject of Christianity. Why are many making it hard to understand the difference between the false and the true?  (10/30/15)


            Mini bite—(5:36 min.) This deals with what I have termed; “Self-deception” and reveals Biblical evidence that some have let this self-deception take root and grow in the mind.  (8/30/15)

            Mini bite—(5:12 min.) This message deals with “Contentions” within the COG realm and families. It is not the lingering attitude of any true Christian and needs to be repented of. (8/23/15)

            Mini bite—(4:55 min.) Scriptural points Christ was not a created being—titled “Christ as created”?—and as usual, believers can uncover more confirming passages. (8/16/15)


            Mini bite—(5:17 min.) This is titled “Christ our Savior” and based on growing in the knowledge of the God who became Christ, the authority He was given and when, as Savior of mankind.


            Split sermon—This is titled “3rd Resurrection” and is the first split sermon for this page. It mentions all three resurrections but focuses more on the passages that reveal a 3rd one.


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