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   The picture/window above looks into a Biblical prophecy of the future peaceful time on earth.  “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb—and a little child shall lead them.”  (based on truthful wording in Isa.11:6 & Isa.65:25.)


   This phrase above the picture theme is what the truly converted ones are now. The picture and phrase below it depicts a coming new world order called the Kingdom of God.


    Christ will return and govern the whole earth with the Government/Law of God, for a thousand years and on beyond, with the faithful saints made Spirit. (Rev.20:4)


    The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the “Good News” of the coming KINGDOM OF GOD. (Mark1:1, 14-15) It is the same message that Christ commissioned His true Church to preach down through time until His return! (Matt.24:14 & 28:19-20)


     My mission as a member of the true COG is to aid in proclaiming that Gospel, while sharing other Biblical truths.

Use the GOSPEL link to listen to audios that expound the Scriptures of the Bible.





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Isa 58:1Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and declare unto My people their transgression, and to the house of Jacob their sins.” ASV


Home update; (7/09/18)    

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GOSPEL:  (Last update)  7/09/18

The NEW program and last in this series; “Authority (Pt.4)” is now posted. Are some among COG groups actually denying Christ’s name? What do you understand about this subject, as taught in the Bible? Click Gospel above to follow this new series with your bible.


Editor’s NOTE; (7/09/18)

A NEW Gospel program, (See above) has now been added, bringing in another element to consider dealing with the subject of how the COG should be governed. Has Christ’s name been denied by the majority, even in the COG? Pray for understanding and then be sure and follow this series with your own Bible.


ARTICLES:        (Last update)  5/14/18    

A NEW article has been posted. The title is “A Pentecost to Remember”? How important is Pentecost, being actively and properly kept, as the Church that Jesus built? Does this have anything to do with True Christianity of today? Read the article for more.


COG (audio):  Updated 6/10/18)

A new mini-bite, titled “Traditions cause Leaven” has now been posted. This has certainly been the case in the past, but what is the REAL cause? (Click the COG link above to listen.)


BOOKLETS:   (Last update)   6/7/18

With the year nearly half gone already and the changing tide against the USA around the world; What will come next, as time continues on? Reading the booklet>>AMERICA & BRITAIN IN PROPHECY<<by the late Raymond F. McNair, will give a better understanding of the USA & Britain in Biblical prophecy. Click the link above for their history and to find out what is prophesied to come.


BIBLE STUDIES:  (last update)      10/29/17

What do YOU really KNOW about the subject of Christ’s return? An older audio bible study (with readable transcript link) on the subject of Christ’s return (title) has now been posted to this page. This brings the total number of Bible studies on this page to 16. Feel free to download any studies on the page and study them at your convenience. (click the link in the bar above for the page.)


For a better and more accurate understanding, you will need to have your Bible handy and be willing to study its subjects with faith & belief. Pray for the Spirit of God to guide you into all truth. For comments, questions, and all other contact, click this link;   MAILTO:TCOGMSO@TCOGMSO.NET


Thank you for visiting and may God guide you in your studies and search for the truth!

(Editor & founder of TCOGMSO)